Hector Garcia

Barbell Coach
Hector Garcia


  • CrossFit L-1 Trainer


  • National Personal Training Institute Certified


He grew up playing sports as a kid and always enjoyed being active. After he was done with school, he was working some odd jobs but ultimately realized fitness/coaching was my calling. He attended the National Personal Training Institute in Lisle in 2012. After graduation, he landed a job at X-Sport and met some amazing coaches/friends. 
His philosophy when it comes to training is simple. Fitness is a choice and we must choose daily to make efforts that will support our goals. Train smart, train consistently and eat according to your goals. Training should be fun and also a time where you can be most present with yourself. Becoming a coach was one of the best choices he made in his life. Being a part of this community is something I’m extremely proud of. His goal is to share my passion with anyone who is ready continue their fitness journey. This journey started the day we were born and ends the day we no longer strike breath.

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